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Consulting support

Our consultants have wide experience from e.g.: Information Governance, Web and Social Media Archiving, Requirements management, Change management.

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  • Web Archiving
    ES Solutions consultants have over 10 years of experience in the Web Archiving field you can read more about our services here...
  • Procurement support
    ES Solutions consultants have long experience within procurement support. Our expertise is within the e-archiving and records-management field.
  • Requirements management
    ES Solutions consultants have experience from requirements management, mostly regarding e-archives, erms and e-services communicating with erms.
  • Information Governance
    ES Solutions consultants have long experience within Information Governance. For us, this is a very important field, since Information Governance is essential to be able to create data worth archiving.
  • Change management
    Implementing e-archiving and/or working with information governance often means changing old habits. ES Solutions has supported organizations dealing with these issues since the start of the company.

Web Archiving

ES Solutions consultants have over 10 years of experience in the Web Archiving field and also participates in international projects that works for best practices for describing archived social media datasets.

  • Analysis
    We can help you with analysis and appraisal of your websites giving you recommendations on how to move forward with your web archiving projects or improving the archivability of your web content.
  • Conversions
    We can help you with converting content in property format contained in your warc-files. We also offer conversions of whole websites captured with HTTrack to the WARC format
  • Websites
    We perform archiving of everything from small websites to full domain harvests. We use the ISO standard format WARC as our preservation format.
  • Social media
    We perform archiving of your social media and other complex and dynamic web content

Data Migration

  • Database preservation
    We perform full database preservation to the SIARD file format.
  • Data exports
    We can help with data exports from legacy information system or other sources that lacks conventional export functionality.
  • Data mapping
    We can help with mapping of data from obscure proprietary format to open standards suitable for long-term preservation.

Software Development

ES Solutions offers fullstack development, we have more than 15 years experience of backend python development and we work with both Angular and React for frontend development.

  • Django
    We have been developing web applications with the django framework since it was initially released in 2005.
  • Databases
    We have experience of working with and developing against all major database managers
  • Storage
    Developing methods for safe long-term storage was what started ES Solutions business we've been a trusted partner to the National Archives of Sweden since 2002 delivering long-term storage methods
  • Frontend
    We work with the major fontend javascript libraries such as Angular, React and Vue.

Information Governance

Over the years we have come across different standards and best practice that really has helped us working with Information Governance. Based on what has worked for us, we have developed a maturity model that helps identify the maturity level in different areas that are important to Information Governance. The model also helps in making a GAP-analysis, helps prioritizing and helps identifying the next necessary steps to gain higher maturity-levels.

  • Status analysis
    Our model presents different questions in different key areas within Information Governance. By looking at the answers to the questions we can identify the maturity levels within the different areas.
  • GAP-analysis
    Our model helps identify what level of maturity the organization would like to reach within the different areas and making a GAP-analysis
  • Change management
    Often, change management is needed to get new processes and rules accepted and used. ES Solutions has supported organizations dealing with these issues since the start of the company.
  • Standards
    Our consultants are members of the SIS/ISO TK546 working group and are experts in the following ISO standards/series 15489, 27000, 30300, 9000

Training and courses

ES Solutions has been dealing with e-archiving since the start of the company in 2002. Our experience spans from requirements management, processes, software-development and much more

We offer tailor-made training and courses in all of our core business areas.

  • Requirements management
    We offer training and support at procurements, evaluating procurements and how to run e-archive-projects
  • Information Governance
    We have great experience from working with Information Governance. Our experience spans over e.g. process-development, maturity analysis, change management etc.
  • Web Archiving
    Our consultants have been working with web archiving for over 10 years from different perspectives, e.g. appraisal, harvesting, requirements management etc.
  • Digital Preservation
    Long-term digital preservation is our core business and our consultants teach digital preservation, e-governance and archival theory at the University of Gothenburg


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